Sunday, 14-March-99

Texas Summer Nights (A Benefit for Central Texas Food Banks) @ Gruene Hall

If you ever find yourself bored in Austin on a Sunday afternoon, get into your car and drive down to Gruene,TX. Gruene Hall is a historic dancehall where you can always find interesting people from line dancers to Bikers), cold beer and good music.

Jimmy LaFave 

Austin-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Jimmy LaFave brings a passionate rock & roll energy to his original folk songs, whether he's playing solo or with a band. LaFave's grass-roots approach should give him a better foundation on which to build a successful career. The way he blends country, blues, folk and early rock & roll, his work ethic and low-key rapport with fans are all factors that work in his favor. -- (Richard J. Skelly, All-Music Guide)

Jimmy rocked. It always takes some time to get used to his voice, but then you discover the beauty in his songwriting.

The Groobees 

 Some band monikers are so fitting you can almost hear the music upon reading the name. For a troupe of jaunty, acoustically inclined North Texans armed with songwriting skills and an endearing sense of humor, the combination of "groove" and "Jujubes" (the kid candy that suckers hopeless grown ups) is almost a no-brainer. The Amarillo-based quintet's attitude is similar to Houston's Carolyn Wonderland, as the band members sport a relaxed, sweet and self-deprecating exterior which belies an earnest and serious songwriter heart. (MSN Sidewalk Houston)

Here's some interesting news for all you closet Dixie Chicks fans out there: The Dixie Chicks CD title cut "Wide Open Spaces" was written and first recorded by The Groobees. Nice, solid Alt.Country set, but few songs with the catchiness of the #1hit single. Their latest release "Wayside" was produced by Lloyd Maines, who is also featured on pedal steel. He will be in the studio with them this summer for their next project.

Terri Hendrix (w/Lloyd Maines) @ Gruene Hall 

 A native of San Antonio who now lives in San Marcos, Terri Hendrix has slowly inched her way into Austin and its music scene. As a young veteran of the music scenes south of town (San Marcos and San Antonio), Hendrix has garnered awards at San Antonio's Current Music Awards since 1995. She has been recognized as "Female Vocalist of the Year," "Female Entertainer of the Year," "Songwriter of the Year," and "Best Female Vocalist."
With the release of her 1998 CD, "Wilory Farm" (which received rave reviews--the Dallas Morning News called it "one of the best albums of this young year"), and more Austin appearances, Hendrix has also inched her way into the hearts of Austin's music fans. On stage, her vivaciousness and more-than-capable guitar work only serve to cap off what are always varied sets of blues, country, and folk songs. Of her style of music, Hendrix explains, "It's true that I sing folk. It's music for folks who love music." With the confidence she has garnered south of Austin, the fine musicianship, and the genre-hopping repertoire, Terri Hendrix, it seems, will continue to please larger and larger audiences in this river city and beyond. (from

There aren't many singer-songwriters around here with songs this well-crafted and even fewer with anything close to Hendrix's onstage flair. -- (Andy Langer, Austin Chronicle)

I had heard/read about her last year, but this was the first time I actually saw her live. Very entertaining - fun to watch and to listen to. Her latest, self-released CD shows her Pop side, but in a live setting you get to appreciate her lyrics as well. And she's an experienced performer. It was good to see her with the legendary Lloyd Maines, who has produced or played on so many of my favorite CD's. BTW, Terri has a very nice web page (with lots of pictures...). Check it out!

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