Songwriter Circle

Robert Fisher, Walter Salas-Humara, Deanna Varagona, Steve Wynn
Winchester/GB - Tower Arts Centre, 28-June-2002



Notes From The Waiting Room (RF)
Commodore Peter (WSH)
Hesitation (DV)
Carry A Torch (SW)
Days Past And Gone (RF)
Susan Across The Ocean (WSH)
Forget To Breathe (DV)
Southern California Line (SW)
Soft Hands (RF)
Holding On To Life (WSH)
Take My Shovel (DV)
Shades Of Blue (SW)
Ghost Of The Girl In The Well (RF)
When The Telephone Rings (WSH)
Sunlining Day (DV)
There Will Come A Day (SW)
Massachussetts (RF)
Dumbest On Parade (WSH)
Running So Long (DV)
Look Both Ways (SW)

My Old Haunts (SW)
Get Out (WSH)
Goodbye Kiss (DV)
The Ballad Of John Parker (RF)

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